Are you scared?? Yes, we just signed a lease!
When we first started Group82 more than two years ago, our business model relied heavily on the concept of a "virtual" team. Eric and I are located in the same area, so getting together for meetings, brainstorming, trips to the airport, etc. was easy. Likewise, with both of us having 20+ years in marketing we have been fortunate to have a great (REALLY GREAT!) network of professionals to bring in when client work called for a particular expertise. But as we've grown, we've come to realize that there needs to be a happy medium between a completely virtual workforce and the cost burdens and commitments associated with bricks and mortar.

We're happy to say we've found just the right space -- more details on the new address, ribbon-cutting ceremonies and the like when we get closer to the move-in date. For now, enjoy some of the build-out shots. We'll add more over the coming days and weeks to keep everyone up to date!

Framing for the offices and conference room

Brainstorming room!

Planning out the next step.

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  1. Wow! It all looks very nice. I like that you added pictures to this post. They really help to understand how it was. Thank you.