NYC Dinner Party!

We recently started a series of dinner meetings designed to bring together professionals from various organizations and roles.  The goal -- enjoy a good meal and relaxed conversation, some of which centers on what is and is not working as companies try to get their messages out to the market.

Is This Fun Yet?

     Is this internship starting to be fun? This week I realized that the days are going by faster. Maybe I am getting the hang of this. The major difference is, that I am breaking up tasks and moving on to new tasks when I get the slightest bit bored. I have been working on ways to improve our social media campaign. When I get bored reading articles, I switch to fun, mindless, creative tasks like creating Group82’s infostripe.

When I was Twelve

When I was twelve, MySpace taught me how to use html codes. Seven years later and I can’t figure out how to get those darn things to work. Oh boy, now I have to research how to get the html code I want, the way I want. I do not like researching. I do not like it Sam (get it?). I have been sitting, researching, trying to fix html codes on Group82’s blog for what seems like an eternity. What am I the new computer technician? No, no I’m not. Oh hey new best friend who I never get sick of, Adobe InDesign.
Who knew Adobe made so many programs? I had not realized it, but I mindlessly spent hours working on Adobe InDesign. The 32,303,596 buttons are at first intimidating and overwhelming. After looking at all the cool stuff the program does, I want to conquer the madness. Some might think learning to use a program with 3,289,423 buttons would be tedious, but it’s the tedious work I like.