When I was Twelve

When I was twelve, MySpace taught me how to use html codes. Seven years later and I can’t figure out how to get those darn things to work. Oh boy, now I have to research how to get the html code I want, the way I want. I do not like researching. I do not like it Sam (get it?). I have been sitting, researching, trying to fix html codes on Group82’s blog for what seems like an eternity. What am I the new computer technician? No, no I’m not. Oh hey new best friend who I never get sick of, Adobe InDesign.
Who knew Adobe made so many programs? I had not realized it, but I mindlessly spent hours working on Adobe InDesign. The 32,303,596 buttons are at first intimidating and overwhelming. After looking at all the cool stuff the program does, I want to conquer the madness. Some might think learning to use a program with 3,289,423 buttons would be tedious, but it’s the tedious work I like.

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