Is This Fun Yet?

     Is this internship starting to be fun? This week I realized that the days are going by faster. Maybe I am getting the hang of this. The major difference is, that I am breaking up tasks and moving on to new tasks when I get the slightest bit bored. I have been working on ways to improve our social media campaign. When I get bored reading articles, I switch to fun, mindless, creative tasks like creating Group82’s infostripe.

     My problem used to be answering the question, what is a marketing consultant? I would say, someone who helps other people sell products and services. Now the question is, what does a marketing intern do? Well thankfully I get to be a part of the process. I don’t get coffee and run errands. That is partly true because I have gotten coffee before and I have run errands. It is hard to tell people what I do because it varies from day to day, which is something I like. This week I am an event planner and interior designer.
     I have been trying to contact caterers for our new office’s official ribbon cutting. One might think event planning is fun. Not when you are 18 and have been mistaken for 14. For some reason everyone thinks I am trying to scam them or something. I am taking on the role of an interior designer trying to find frames, mats and print shops so we can hang pictures in the office. I have learned you need to be persistent and if you aren’t you will not get anything done. I can’t wait for the ribbon cutting, and for the office to be completed.


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  3. This blog has given me a lot to think about in terms of how I approach my workday. I'm definitely going to start incorporating more fun and playfulness into my routine. Thanks for the inspiration!