sEo,cMo,'s ok, I know what they mean

No one told me what/who we would be working with. Oh my god you don’t get to pick your clients and their service/product!? I never thoroughly thought about that before. It is not easy to persuade someone to buy something when the majority of the public says otherwise. Throughout this whole week I kept thinking: “Wow it would be great if we could just change the product they are selling”.

After looking through millions and millions of websites that were hard to navigate through and a million and one articles that say something like: “The (Pick Your Number) Ways to Develop an Effective (Facebook, Landing page, Twitter)”, you would think people would know how to create a good website. It is much more difficult than I thought.

I have no idea what I am doing, I wonder if in a couple of weeks I will know.

(a couple of days later)

OH! I kind of get this now. But seriously, I GET IT. I’ve finally figured it out, now I want to do something with it. This researching isn’t so bad after all.