Group82 Celebrates Milestone...and How We Got Our Name!

What a difference three years can make!!  It's hard to believe that three years has gone by so fast, but today marks the 3rd anniversary of Group82!  We've been extremely fortunate to work with a great cast of clients and the support of our family and friends has been a driving force behind our success.

The foundations of Group82 date back to 1997 when Eric and I worked together at Hyperion Software (which later became Hyperion Solutions and then later Oracle).  Eric ran marketing communications and I handled PR & Analyst Relations.  We both commuted about an hour to Stamford each day, and it was after more than a year working together that we discovered that we only lived a few minutes from each other.

Our careers took different paths in '99 when I left Hyperion to tackle a variety of marketing roles at technology companies including Integral Development, Mantas and Sungard.  A few years after me, Eric left Hyperion and began freelancing for a who's who of B2B technology including EMC, Deltek, Sungard,  and Kalido.  We stayed in touch, getting together for lunch every now and then.  In 2009, at the urging of a longtime friend and colleague we brought or talents together and started the agency.  Naming our venture was the first challenge.  Our approach to marketing has always been straightforward -- talk to your market like an adult and in terms they react to.  Having a "cute" agency name like Accelerate Marketing just didn't fit with our style.  Likewise, using the founders' last names Waldschmidt & Mangelsdorf was obviously out.     Too mouthy and starting the agency really wasn't about either of us.  

We quickly realized that if we were half as good as we thought we were, ANY name would do.  After all, we're in marketing!  In the course of tossing names back and forth, Eric offered up "how about Group82?" Route 82 is the main road between our homes and it was the first name that made both of us stop for a minute... and THAT is how we came to be Group82.

In the last three years we've built an incredible roster of B2B technology clients, added staff, opened an office and are building Group82 to support more companies and their marketing needs.  We can't wait to see what the next three years look like!